Our Approach

Taking our responsibility seriously

At N&G Groundworks Ltd we know that by taking our responsibility seriously, none more so than health and safety, we can make a sustainable business.

Whether it be commercial or operational activities, it does not take precedence over the health and wellbeing of those involved or affected by our operations.

Working alongside external health and safety advisors, N&G Groundworks Ltd is committed to continuous improvement with the target of eliminating all accidents from our operations.

While this is and will remain, our greatest priority. We acknowledge that our responsibilities extend further, to ensure sustainability we deliver maximum value. Which has been broken down into four key areas.  

Our Duties

 Health and safety: To protect the health and wellbeing of everyone involved or affected by our operations.

 People: To engage our employees, by creating an environment that encourages development and retains talented individuals.

 Biodiversity: To minimise the negative impacts of our operations, through lean construction, and maximise the quality of the built environment.

  Marketplace: To achieve the competitive advantage by delivering value for money to our stakeholders, clients, suppliers and the wider community.

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